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Dixie Widespan Shelving

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Dixie Widespan, sometimes referred to as Rivet Shelving or Boltless Shelving, is commonly used in applications that require high load capacity in widths beyond what standard metal shelving is available in. Its design allows quick assembly and brace free construction.

Brace Free Construction

Brace free construction allows access to shelving levels from both sides with no X-bracing to interfere. Certain sizes and load applications have bolt in supports for strength while others require only a rubber hammer to tap the components into position. Our Low Profile series gives the user the lowest cost multi level shelving available!

Using standard Rivet Beams and configuration for top and bottom levels the Low Profile series adds the levels in between using a front and back beam that is only 1 3/8 inch thick. This allows more room for material to be stored on a standard height unit. Low Profile series is available in widths of 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inch with depths up to 24 inch. Our standard decking for both styles is 5/8” particle board.

This is optional, should the customer want to cut shipping costs and buy the decking locally or want to use another type of decking. For customers with very high shelving loads please inquire about our “Channel Beam” construction. We also specialize in file storage boxes. Sometimes called Archive Boxes or BANKERS BOX® storage boxes we have a special size unit ( 69” wide x 30” deep x 84” tall) that can hold 80 boxes per unit!


High Strength Steel Shelving

Our shelving begins with high strength steel ( 50,000 psi test ) that is cold rolled to specified dimension. Components are formed to shape in presses capable of 150 tons of pressure. From there components are put thru a three stage washing process at the start of our modern powdercoating line. After washing they are oven dried and sent thru our Nordsen powdercoat spray booth where environmentally friendly powder coating is electrostatically applied. From there it goes to our curing oven where it spends a precise amount of time to allow the coating to bond to the components. This finish is highly resistant to scratching, fading, peeling.

Same Day Shipping A Priority

We maintain a considerable inventory of shelving components. Our goal is to ship orders the same or next day. Our manufacturing process allows for quick turn around to build additional material for large orders.

Our reputation is built on satisfying customers. Our quality products, friendly staff, and experience in the shelving industry guarantee your satisfaction. Please contact us with any questions you have about DIXIE WIDESPAN.

Click on sizes below to select levels and decking options

36″w x 12″d x 84″t
36″w x 15″d x 84″t
36″w x 18″d x 84″t
36″w x 24″d x 84″t
36″w x 30″d x 84″t
36″w x 36″d x 84″t
42″w x 12″d x 84″t
42″w x 15″d x 84″t
42″w x 18″d x 84″t
42″w x 24″d x 84″t
42″w x 30″d x 84″t
42″w x 36″d x 84″t
42″w x 42″d x 84″t
48″w x 12″d x 84″t
48″w x 15″d x 84″t
48″w x 18″d x 84″t
48″w x 24″d x 84″t
48″w x 30″d x 84″t
48″w x 36″d x 84″t
48″w x 42″d x 84″t
48″w x 48″d x 84″t
60″w x 12″d x 84″t
60″w x 15″d x 84″t
60″w x 18″d x 84″t
60″w x 24″d x 84″t
60″w x 30″d x 84″t
60″w x 36″d x 84″t
60″w x 42″d x 84″t
60″w x 48″d x 84″t
69″w x 12″d x 84″t
69″w x 15″d x 84″t
69″w x 18″d x 84″t
69″w x 24″d x 84″t
69″w x 30″d x 84″t
69″w x 36″d x 84″t
69″w x 42″d x 84″t
69″w x 48″d x 84″t
72″w x 12″d x 84″t
72″w x 15″d x 84″t
72″w x 18″d x 84″t
72″w x 24″d x 84″t
72″w x 30″d x 84″t
72″w x 36″d x 84″t
72″w x 42″d x 84″t
72″w x 48″d x 84″t
84″w x 12″d x 84″t
84″w x 15″d x 84″t
84″w x 18″d x 84″t
84″w x 24″d x 84″t
84″w x 30″d x 84″t
84″w x 36″d x 84″t
84″w x 42″d x 84″t
84″w x 48″d x 84″t
96″w x 12″d x 84″t
96″w x 15″d x 84″t
96″w x 18″d x 84″t
96″w x 24″d x 84″t
96″w x 30″d x 84″t
96″w x 36″d x 84″t
96″w x 42″d x 84″t
96″w x 48″d x 84″t


* Beams are made of high strength steel using two piece construction.

* Self-locking connector clips assemble easily.

* Strength up to 35,000 lb. Capacity.

* Super Heavy Duty shelving for storage.

* Rated capacities assume the use of F/A Braces. One F/A for 48″, 54″, and 60″ lengths and three (3) F/A Braces for 69″, 72″, 84″, and 96″ lengths. Level rating capacities are based on the longest beam on the level.

New Widespan/Box Shelving

Shelf Assembly

Widespan Assembly

New Widespan Parts Breakdown

There are many other sizes available to fit your storage needs.

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